About The Founder:

I’m Amanda. & this brand, well, this brand has stolen my heart. It’s a passion project, or some would call it a “grief” project. Both hold true.

I’m not a mother, but I could have been, & hope to be very soon in the future.

In August of 2023 I experienced a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. Sitting in that ultrasound room in utter silence will haunt me forever. No heartbeat was present. Our baby had measured at only 7 weeks, 3 days. In the beginning when we found out we were pregnant, we told so many of our friends and family. When we lost our baby girl, we had such a strong support system to lean on. It got us through.

I found out I was pregnant again with my rainbow baby in January of 2024. We didn’t tell many people we were expecting again. In all honesty, I didn’t want to feel the embarrassment of not making it to full term if something were to go wrong.

In the back of my mind I had this crazy idea of launching a pajama brand for my future equestrian because it was really hard to find equestrian inspired apparel for babies that was both cute and sustainable. 

& then it happened. I experienced my second miscarriage, this time at six weeks. This time, not many people knew. This time, I drowned in sadness. So I dove into this project, this brand.

As I continue to navigate my own personal fertility journey, I hope that this brand can give all of you mamas (and dads!) out there a community of support as you bring home your future equestrian.

Our Mission:

At Gallop & Grow, our mission is to provide ethically crafted, equestrian inspired baby pajamas made from only the finest bamboo fabric. Drawing from our founder's journey of resilience after experiencing two miscarriages, we are committed to offering not just pajamas, but a symbol of hope, strength, and new beginnings for every family we touch.

Our Vision:

Our vision at Gallop & Grow is to create a global movement where every baby is adorned in pajamas that not only reflects their innocence and joy but also serves as a reminder of the strength and perseverance of their parents. Through our commitment to quality, sustainability, and thoughtful design, we aim to inspire families to cherish every moment and embrace the journey of parenthood with grace and resilience. Through our heartfelt creations, we aspire to foster connections, spark joy, and empower families to write their own stories of love and triumph.